Bosnia Herzegovina - Sarajevo weather forecast

The geographical location of Bosnia and Herzegovina located between two regions - the mountainous area in the north and the coastal region in the south. The majestic mountains arrest the atmospheric masses from the Mediterranean, creating favourable climatic conditions in the country. This is the reason for delicious organic vegetables and fruits that Herzegovina produces.

The country has just 20 km of coastline on the Adriatic Sea which makes the weather tip slightly to the extremes. Like inland Europe, Bosnia too has cold winters and warm summers. With much of the country on a mountainous terrain highest point being 2386 m above sea level - the snow stays on for longer periods in the mountains.


Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Dec 05
Hi:  11°C
Lo:  5°C
Dec 06
Hi:  11°C
Lo:  7°C
Dec 07
Hi:  8°C
Lo:  3°C
Dec 08
Hi:  7°C
Lo:  3°C
Dec 09
Hi:  6°C
Lo:  1°C
Dec 10
Hi:  4°C
Lo:  -1°C