Things to see and do in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country located in the Western Balkan Peninsula, south east of the European continent. Bosnia and Herzegovina was earlier a part of Yugoslavia. Bosnia and Herzegovina is bordered by Croatia in the north, west and south west, Serbia in the east and Montenegro in the south. It has access to a small portion of the Adriatic Sea coastline in the south. The northern part is hilly but the terrain gets flat as you travel towards the north east.

Socially Bosnia and Herzegovina is divided into three ethnic communities - Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats. To the world, however, a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina is identified as a Bosnian regardless of ethnicity.

Our Bosnia-Herzegovina Guide together with our Bosnia-Herzegovina tour suggestions will tell you all you need to know about the many amazing Bosnia-Herzegovina highlights. For tips on the best way to get around Bosnia-Herzegovina read our Bosnia-Herzegovina transportation guide.

Check out all the local exciting things to see and do in the following Bosnia-Herzegovina destinations:

- Medjugorje
- Banja Luka
- Sarajevo

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Sarajevo's Bascarsija (Old Town)  Top

Bascarsija, located in the old town of Sarajevo, is where the traders from west met the locals to trade their wares as long ago as the 15th century. It is one of the main streets and an important landmark in Sarajevo. The charming little market is where all the activity is and it takes quite an effort to stay away from its attractive shops.

Bosnians are extremely hospitable people and that is reflected in the warmth of the people in Sarajevo. Even first time visitors feel at home in Sarajevo. Architectural modernisation has not gone overboard here and the city still retains its charm. It is not an expansive city nor does it have large buildings and tall monstrosities obstructing the panoramic views from different corners of the city.

Sarajevo is nestled amidst mountains and the splendid backdrop of endless hills and regal mountains have in a way isolated the city. Despite this, the city has always thrown its doors open to the world.

Sarajevo does not have the hustle bustle of a typical capital city and there is a unique sense of calm in the air. Walking through the lanes of Sarajevo is like walking down the lanes of history. The city effortlessly straddles eastern and western cultures. The Byzantine and Ottoman empires of the east and the Roman, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian empires of the west have influenced the societal fabric through its diverse culture, traditions and religions. You can find remnants of the past in every nook and corner - be it the Ottoman quarters lined with cafes and sweet shops or the administrative and cultural centre of Austro-Hungarian times.

Few places on earth can boast of a Catholic church, a mosque and a synagogue at walking distance of each other, functioning harmoniously. Sarajevo is home to all. It is a city that encompasses diverse cultures and embraces whoever sets foot here.

Mostar's Stari Most (Old Bridge) Top

Mostar is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the pearl in this oyster is Mostar's Stari Most (Old Bridge). The old bridge of Ottoman is not only a thing of beauty but is also a representation of east meeting west. The stone bridge connects the east and west banks of Neretva River and is the best existing example of the ingenuity of Dalmatian masonry.

The bridge was a key component of the city's character and when it was shelled mercilessly in 1993, it was as if the spirit was ripped from Mostar. For very long locals broke down on the sheer mention of the destroyed bridge. Now almost a decade later, a spanking new beautiful bridge arches across the raging river of Neretva. The reconstruction made a significant political statement - of the government wanting peace and life slowly getting back to normalcy.

Neum - the Sunny Adriatic  Top

It is a tiny strip of land jutting into the Adriatic. Neum, a major seaside resort, is located between Split and Dubrovnik and is just a short distance from Mostar and Medjugorje. If you are looking for an inexpensive holiday filled with sun and fun head to Neum.

Sutjeska National Park Top

Sutjeska National Park has Bosnia's highest peak - Maglic Mt. measuring 2,386 m. It also houses one of Europe's last remaining primeval forests. It is truly a dream come true for nature lovers, hikers and explorers.

The locals will tell you Sutjeska is famous for being the location where the partisans defeated a massive German army in World War II.

Medjugorje Top

Medjugorje became famous when in the early 1980s six young people claimed to have had visions of Virgin Mary here. The story goes that that Mother Mary appeared and spoke to the six teenagers when they were playing on the hillside. As expected no one believed them at first, but when they repeatedly sighted her word got around and believers started pouring in.

Almost overnight this sleepy town transformed into one of the largest Catholic pilgrimage spots in the world. Since then over 15 million people have visited this sacred pilgrim centre.

Tekija (Blagaj) Top

Tekija located in the small town of Blagaj epitomises the harmonious existence of man and nature. The stunning structure of this 16th century dervish order monastery is a sight to behold. It is built at the mouth of a cave situated at the base of a 200 m cliff. The sight of water gushing out of the cliff wall to form the Buna River is like a beautiful painting under the sky.

Jahorina Mountain Top

The claim to fame for Jahorina Mountain is that it was the venue for the XIV Winter Olympics. The slopes and the Olympic style of skiing remain a glorious reminder of the event. Jahorina is southeast Europe's best ski resort and has great skiing slopes and great accommodation.

Bjelasnica Mountain Top

Bjelasnica Mountain was home to many events of the XIV Winter Olympics. This Olympic mountain is one of the most challenging ski trails in the country. It is off the beaten track and is ideal for cross country and tour skiing. It is also a popular haunt for year round hiking and biking.

There are quaint ancient highland villages here that have till today maintained traditional lifestyles. They are becoming hot spots for experiencing ancient village life.

Travnik Top

Travnik is often referred to as the European Istanbul. The ancient mosques and fortress around this Ottoman town are redolent of the charming Bosnian style architecture. The town is also the residence of Nobel Laureate writer Ivo Andric.

A paradise for snowboarders, the mountain ski resort Vlasic is a quick drive from Travnik.

Kravica Waterfalls Top

The absolutely breathtaking Kravica Waterfall is over 100 m and drops to an impressive 25 m. The waterfall originates from the Trebizat River and it creates a lush green belt amidst the dry landscape.

Kravica is not only a great place for a picnic or swim but also just to laze around drinking in the picturesque scenery.

Tvrdos Monastery Top

It is a Serb Orthodox monastery near the picturesque towns of Trebinje and Dubrovnik. The monastery is home to several 5th and 6th century icons and the foundation of the first Roman church on the site is still visible today.

Kraljeva Sutjeska Top

Time has frozen in Kraljeva Sutjeska. Entering this ancient village is like stepping through a time warp. It is one of the last seats of the medieval Bosnian Kingdom. From a medieval fortress and Franciscan monastery to one of the oldest mosques in the country, this quaint town brims with Bosnian history.

If you are yearning to experience true rural lifestyle pack your bags to Kraljeva Sutjeska.

Jajce & the Pliva Lake Region Top

Jajce has had its share of wars and was the last stronghold of the Bosnian kings before surrendering to the Ottomans in 1528. You can still find traces of Illyrian and Roman treasures here. Today it is known for its majestic waterfalls. The Pliva Lake region is a great place for water sports and fishing.