Bosnia-Herzegovina Local Events

Check out the exciting festivals, cultural celebrations and events in Bosnia-Herzegovina that occur all year round. Click on the links to our local connections to see whats happening locally!


- Medjugorje

- Banja Luka

Medjugorje Message to Mirjana every 2nd of the month from our Queen of peace
Place: Medjugorje-  (01 Jan 2019 - 31 Dec 2019 )

Every 2nd of each month, you can be a part of a beautiful event, by joining the pilgrims and Mirjana visionary for her monthly apparition.

Project Biennial D-0 ARK Underground
Place: Konjic  (26 Apr 2019 - 26 Sep 2019 )

The intention of the project is to transform the Object ARK into a prestigious regional cultural institution that stays at the forefront in research and promotion of new artistic trends. 

Medjugorje Weekly Prayer Program - Summer Time
Place: Medjugorje  (01 Jun 2019 - 31 Aug 2019 )

Services in Croatian speaking, East European, German, English, Italian and French.

The 24th International seminar for priests in Medjugorje
Place: Medjugorje  (08 Jul 2019 - 13 Jul 2019 )


The 24th International Priests Seminar will be held in Međugorje

from July 8 to 13, 2019

St. James, Patron saint of the parish Medjugorje
Place: Medjugorje  (25 Jul 2019 - 26 Jul 2019 )

 When we think back it is an amazing coincidence that the patron Saint of Medjugorje, that is now the main place of pilgrimage, is also the patron Saint of all pilgrims around the world.

The 30th International Youth Prayer Festival in Medjugorje
Place: Medjugorje  (01 Aug 2019 - 06 Aug 2019 )


Follow me! 
(Mk 10, 21)

Be part of over 50,000 young people from all over the world joining in prayer with Lady Queen of Peace, a truly spiritual event.

International Youth Festival is one of the biggest events in Herzegovina during the year. Young people from all over the world join to present the beauty of life,coexistence, understanding, and peace among people. With their shows, they bring a part of their culture and uniqueness. The festival has a spiritual character and as such is a part of similar festivals in the world. During the festival there is a special atmosphere that attracts many tourists from the neighbouring regions. It was founded by the late Father Slavko Barbarić - a priest, visionary and relentless world peace advocate.

Please contact us for the full event program at

Prayer Program at St. James Church - winter time
Place: Medjugorje  (01 Sep 2019 - 31 May 2020 )


Join Prayer Program at St. James Church. There are Croatian speaking, East European, German speaking, English speaking, Italian speaking, and French speaking.

Solemnity of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross - Krizevac
Place: Celebrated in Medjugorje  (08 Sep 2019 - 09 Sep 2019 )

Celebrated in Medjugorje on the first Sunday after the Nativity of Mary

altJoin the villagers in a beautiful holy Mass celebration on hill Krizevac, on the first Sunday after the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.

Vintage Days
Place: Čitluk  (10 Oct 2019 - 25 Oct 2019 )

One of the longest traditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, "Vintage Days" Brotnjo is a cultural event for the community and tourists.

The 20th International Meeting for Married Couples
Place: Medjugorje  (06 Nov 2019 - 09 Nov 2019 )



to be held in Medjugorje from November 6-9, 2019

"Seek first the Kingdom of God!" (Mt 6, 33)

Christmas Vigil
Place: Medjugorje  (24 Dec 2019 - 25 Dec 2019 )

 The Christmas Vigil is a magical event and should not be missed!

medjugorje christmas vigil  medjugorje christmas vigil medjugorje christmas vigil

New Year's Eve in Medjugorje
Place: Medjugorje  (31 Dec 2019 - 01 Jan 2020 )

Special invitation to young people

On New Year’s Eve, the parish of Medjugorje has become for many years now a meeting place of young people from all over the world.


Night of prayer: 31.12. at 10 pm

Adoration – Holy Mass


Pilgrimage of bikers to Medjugorje
Place: Medjugorje  (24 Apr 2020 - 26 Apr 2020 )

Join a gathering of bikers to Shrine of Peace, taking place on April 25, where the Christian Association KUP – KARMEL organized a pilgrimage of bikers.

24th peace March Humac - Medjugorje
Place: Humac - Medjugorje  (24 Jun 2020 - 25 Jun 2020 )

In 2014, June 24th is the Feast of St. John The Baptist. Join us in singing and prayer as we walk together with villagers and pilgrims through the spiritual surroundings. This event is also known as the Peace March.

Apparition of our Lady of Peace
Place: Medjugorje  (25 Jun 2020 )